Half century of history

The current Provincial Institution of Cádiz, whose ownership and management are the responsibility of the Provincial Government Board, is physically located in the old building that some day was the provincial Foster Home "Miguel de Aramburu e India", later expanded with a pavilion for classrooms and very recently with a multipurpose room.

In our center, it has been teaching since the year 61/62 (thus, it already is 50 years from the IPG). starting to work since then the so-called labor baccalaureate with the specialized options of Secretarial studies, Tourism, and Industrial Mastery in diverse specializations. As well, since those years it was being incorporated students external to the primary education which was already taught to the boarding students living there.

The Institution, as it has been widely known in Cádiz, had great prestigious since the beginning, achieving its students to easily join the working world, as well as in the public sector and the private one.

Later, and fitting the different educational plans, as well as in Primary and Secondary, it has been adapting its teachings gradually until nowadays, working today as a Center of Child Education, Primary and Secondary, all this in agreement with the Ministry of Education of the Andalusian Council.